Brian 'Sene' Marc is an American actor, musician and writer. He is best known for his role in Marvel’s Luke Cage, on Netflix. Marc has recently been seen in the Sundance hit White Girl and on TNT’s Major Crimes.

He portrays JP Guerrero in the film adaptation of Nerve.

Personal life

Raised in Sheepshead Bay, New York, Marc’s love of music and acting started at a young age. After his parents’ divorce, acting took a backseat to music and Marc picked up a violin at age eight. While attending the Bay Academy School for the Performing Arts and Sciences, he worked his way up from second violin to first violin in the school’s orchestra. When he moved up to high school he switched to playing the trumpet. The day after Marc received his high-school diploma, he hopped on a plane to where he was invited to be a guest at UC Santa Barbara college radio station KCSB. He quickly became a mainstay on the show and decided to use the moniker “sene” (pronounced seen), which he earned while rapping back home in Sheepshead Bay. He then began a healthy career of penning songs for himself and others. Eventually this would land him an offer to front the platinum Blue Note Records act “Us3” for their new album. Marc was able to tour the U.S. and 15 countries.

After five years living in California, Marc decided to pack his bags and return home to Brooklyn to be closer to family. A few years later, Marc received an unexpected email from a casting director who had learned of him through his music career. He was asked to audition for the lead male role in a new movie by filmmaker Elizabeth Wood. The movie, White Girl, would become Marc’s theatrical debut.



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