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Welcome to the Nerve Wiki, a collaborative encyclopedia about Jeanne Ryan's book and the film adaptation that anyone can edit! As of this moment, this wiki has 1 user and 2 admins maintaining 52 articles.

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What about that pole dancing class we took?.
Find out more about the shy girl turned adrenaline fuelled competitor with everything to lose.
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Watchers pay to watch. Players play to win.
Learn more about NERVE and its crazy, and sometimes dangerous, dares!

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Cast at Premiere
You have to sign up and watch me. It's very important that I have watchers.
Meet the star-studded cast of Nerve, from Emma Roberts and Dave Franco to guest appearances from real life YouTubers and social media influencers!
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The lighthouse means something different to each of the characters.
Just who are all these Watchers and Players? Click here to know!.


The Book


Explore more of the iconic book that inspired the film.


The Author

Jeanne Ryan - web

Find out more about the author of Nerve, Jeanne Ryan.



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