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Vee's Computer is the laptop used by Vee in the film. It is an Early 2008 MacBook Pro (the original design not updated unibody design) running Mac OS X Mavericks. It makes a total of 4 appearneces in the film


First Appearence

Vee's login screen appears and she types in her password (which she mistakes) and she logins into her desktop which reveals a layered image of her brother, her mother and herself. She opens Spotify and plays the playlist Only Single Friend Left (which is a real spotify playlist) and she checks her emails, goes onto facebook, facetimes with Sydney and reads the Huffington Post.

Second Appearence

Vee returns home from the pizza restaurnt and out of spite she signs up for Nerve

Third Appearence

Vee's mom comes home from the hospital and trying to figure out what Vee is doing she opens her laptop and see's that @VEE_99 vs @_IAN_ will be in the finals in 45 Minutes

Fourth and Final Appearence

Vee logins again and accepts the invitiation to CalArts